H5P activities list

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15.1.A Comprehension CheckMultiple Choice
2A.2a What do you know about democracy and authoritarianism?Drag the Words
3A.3a Fake News Video by Global NewsMultiple Choice
40.1 What kinds of propaganda are there?Drag the Words
5B.1b acceptable or error?Fill in the Blanks
6B.2a What register?Drag the Words
7B.3a Parts of SpeechDrag the Words
86.1 Pronouns in Obama's Acceptance SpeechMark the Words
96.1b Add pronouns to Obama's speechFill in the Blanks
106. Header InfoAccordion
116.1a Referents, Antecedents, and PostcedentsFill in the Blanks
126.2a Singular or plural pronounsFill in the Blanks
135.2 Identify the pronounsMark the Words
145.2c Address form matchingDrag the Words
155.5.b Obama's use of weAccordion
165.7c identify the pronounsMark the Words
17B.1c usage errorsAccordion
18explanation of B1.dAccordion
196.2D Personal Pronoun ChartDrag the Words
206.2.4 Pronoun agreementFill in the Blanks
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