What’s it like to be an iVoices Student Media Lab worker?

The iVoices Media Lab hires two workers every semester. They teach students in our large Gen Ed Social Media and Ourselves to use technologies like Adobe’s Premiere Pro and Illustrator. They design lesson plans including video tutorials and sample projects, and share them on Adobe Education Exchange. They give encouraging feedback on student work, and conduct focus group interviews to get students’ feedback on learning through iVoices. Most importantly, they show the students that mastery of technologies is an achievable step-by-step process that will look different for each person.

Our first two Media Lab student workers are Lizette Arias and Maria José Garcia. Below, they each reflect on the Fall 2020 semester.

Watch Lizette and Maria’s video reflection

From Lizette, our Premiere Pro instructor

Lizette Arias
Lizette Arias

Working with iVoices has been a learning experience that has expanded my knowledge on both technology and its significant use in storytelling. Being able to implement and use programs such as Adobe Premiere Pro into class projects in order to create informative stories while also learning more about how the use of technology has impacted our daily lives has been one of the highlights of being a part of the Student Media Lab team for iVoices.

While my previous experiences as a film student has provided me with a vast knowledge of certain technologies and programs, iVoices has helped me better understand how to use such technologies through the process of introducing other students to Adobe Premiere Pro.

From the first project done with the Media Lab, I came to have a better understanding on how various forms of technology can directly impact ones form of storytelling while also expanding on their knowledge. There is no doubt that technology can ultimately be a helpful source used in an infinite number of ways for educational purposes, specifically with how programs such as the Adobe programs were utilized throughout class.

Although I learned how to use a helpful editing program like Adobe Premiere Pro throughout my time as a student, it truly was not until I began assisting with the Media Lab where I began to understand its value in both informative and creative storytelling. At first, the editing program can seem intimidating and even confusing, but with its helpful tools and its setup, Premiere Pro can be a prominent tool that can enhance your projects – whether they be for educational or personal purposes. Premiere Pro has allowed me to not only create stories through a visual medium but to also be able to share its value with other students.

One of most valuable experiences I have gained from working for iVoices, apart from learning more about my use of technology, was being able to work with students through these programs. Being part of the Student Media Lab Team was my first time guiding and teaching other students like myself in a large classroom setting. This experience has, without a doubt, taught me more about my own experiences with technology while also giving me an insight on the process of creating a project for students to create and express themselves. Having the opportunity to see the way in which other students perceive technology has also been a great learning experience that has helped me better understand the impact technology has on our daily lives.

Apart from working with students and being able to share my knowledge of Premiere Pro with them, working alongside Professor Daly has also shown me the significant work that goes in educating students on topics relevant to the real world and the importance of technology in both education and our world. Since my first day working with iVoices, I have gained a significant experience, showing me the forms in which technology has ultimately impacted classroom settings and that utilizing it in a valuable manner can enhance the way in which we learn and educate.

More of Lizette’s work:

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From Maria, our Illustrator instructor

Maria José Garcia
Maria José Garcia

Being part of iVoices has been an experience I never thought I would have. It has been an amazing opportunity where I have learned a lot and have met amazing people. Teaching is much harder than i had ever thought, being patient is key. I can now put myself in the shoes of teachers, because I got to understand and experience what goes into the making of a single project.

I’m very grateful I took this opportunity. It’s really interesting that everything I have done in my career has happened to be oriented to education, but mostly on creating for educators and not being the educator. It was scary but It was amazing! Diana was a great guide and help throughout the whole process.

I also got to learn a little bit about myself. I never knew I would enjoy teaching a subject I’m super passionate about, but there  I was excited to show people how to work as an illustrator. I noticed the project I planned was a little too ambitious, but I’m glad Diana was there to help and most of the students took time to learn and practice in order to turn in an amazing project. Teaching was fun, but it was even MORE fun to see all the projects done, one after the other. It is a great feeling knowing that you help them into learning a new useful skill.

I’m also incredibly proud that with iVoices we got to put the projects we worked on and made on an Adobe Platform!!

The part that I was actually scared and stressed about was the feedback. I knew the project was hard and very stressful. But all the critics were constructive and respectful. It was actually helpful to hear them out so the project can be better adjusted for the semesters to come.

I truly enjoyed this experience. It was stressful sometimes, but everything worth working for it. I am also happy that now I know that I like education and that I can relate my art/design knowledge with education.

More of Maria’s work:

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Tutorial in Adobe Education Exchange including step-by-step written instructions

The logo Maria designed for iVoices


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