Pressbooks is simple book production software. Thanks to funding from the University Libraries and Digital Learning, the UA Pressbooks platform is free for all UA faculty, staff, and students to use.

With Pressbooks, you can create and publish textbooks, scholarly monographs, syllabi, fiction and nonfiction books, guides, and more in multiple formats including:

  • PDF (for print or print on demand)
  • EPUB (for Apple iBooks, Nook, Kobo, Kindle, and most other ebook platforms)
  • Webbook (private or public)

All book formats are produced using templates that are optimized to look great in a variety of shapes and sizes. This includes Kindles, phones, and iPads for ebooks, as well as the printed page.

PDF and EPUB files can be exported and downloaded from Pressbooks to your device, then uploaded to your distribution service of choice.

Learn more about Pressbooks.