7 LESSON PLAN 2: Ukrainian Musical Instruments


Level Novice High (A2)
Brief Description of the Activity Students review Ukrainian musical instruments (trembita, kobza, bandura, turban, lira, sopilka). They listen to an example of dumy, a traditional Cossack ballad, and discuss the place and importance of Cossacks in Ukrainian culture.
Standards Communication: Modes of Communication

Interpersonal Mode: X

Interpretive Mode: X

Presentational Mode:



Products: X

Practices: X

Perspectives: X


Connections: Social Sciences; Arts

Comparisons: Ukrainian and American craft traditions: traditional and modern-day musical instruments


ACTFL World Readiness Standards (Culture)
  1. Learners list practices observed in a video of practice from the target culture (Novice)
  2. Learners identify and analyze cultural products from authentic materials such as videos and news articles (Intermediate)
  3. Learners suggest cultural triangles with reasons connecting practices to associated products and perspectives (Intermediate),
  4. Learners experience (read, listen to, observe, perform) expressive products of culture (e.g., stories, poetry music, paintings, dance, drama, and architecture) and explain the origin and importance of these products in today’s culture (Intermediate).
Language Functions Description of objects and sounds; cultural comparisons; explanation of traditions; discussion
Language Structures Accusative case; musical vocabulary
Learning Objectives
  1. Students will review traditional Ukrainian music instruments,
  2. Students will gain an understanding of folk music traditions in Ukraine,
  3. Students will discuss the roles Cossacks played in Ukrainian culture,
  4. Students will compare and contrast Ukrainian and American folk music.
Instructional Procedures Learning Activity Immersive Technology
Gain Attention The teacher plays the video of Kalush Orchestra’s song, Stefania, and asks students to identify and write a list of the instruments they see in the video. The teacher asks for students to identify all the instruments that are used in the video. Which of these instruments and sounds exist in American music and which ones do not exist? Music video of Stefania by Kalush Orchestra
Stimulate Recall of Prior Knowledge Teacher asks students what musical vocabulary students remember to talk about in the music video.

The teacher reminds students of Ukrainian structure about “to play a musical instrument,” other commonly used verbs related to the music, and uses of the accusative case.

Worksheet: Accusative case chart; List of music-related verbs; Playing an instrument vs. playing a short presentation
Presentation of Content Teacher presents an overview of various musical instruments using two websites.


The teacher also introduces students to Ukrainian Cossacks and altogether they listen to a Cossack dumy.

Ukrainian Folk Instruments Website


Cossack AR game


Cossack Duma video

Elicit Performance and Give Feedback Students discuss in small groups what emotions music evokes in people and why such emotions are important in the cultural memory of a country. They also discuss some reasons Cossacks chose to express their emotions through music.
Transfer of Knowledge Students discuss how life events inspire the musical traditions of a country and find links between music and other social science subjects. Class discussion
Closure Teacher summarizes the main points of the lesson based on class activities and student discussions.
Learning Assessment Students write a paragraph about folk music’s role in a country’s cultural history. They use 5 verbs, 5 emotions, and 5 instruments in their write-up with the correct use of accusative case. Individual essay
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