10 LESSON PLAN 5: Crimean Newspaper: İsmail Gaspıralı and Tercüman


Level Advanced Low-Advanced High (C1-C2)
Brief Description of the Activity In this activity, students work as journalists to prepare an issue of Tercüman, famous Crimean Tatar journalist and writer, Ismail Gaspırali’s newspaper, to report back an imaginary issue from the early 1943. Each student group examines a different aspect of life in Crimea in those days to report, such as culture, arts and crafts, politics, and daily life.
Standards Communication: Modes of Communication

Interpersonal Mode: X

Interpretive Mode: X

Presentational Mode: X


Products: X

Practices: X

Perspectives: X

Connections: Social Sciences; Journalism



ACTFL World Readiness Standards (Culture)
  1. Learners prepare oral and written presentations with attention to the cultural background of the audience (Advanced),
  2. Learners identify, examine, and analyze the relationship between cultural products and perspectives by conducting online and library research, observations, and interviews (Advanced).
Language Functions Summarizing main points in a visual map; conducting research on a given topic; writing a fictional journal article
Language Structures Putting together all cases used in Ukrainian
Learning Objectives 1. Students will review a digital story map and identify literary themes,

2. Students will write a journal article in small groups,

3. Students will discuss importance of major figures in the history of suppressed nations,

4. Students will compare and contrast Crimean Tatar experience in different periods of the 20th century.


Instructional Procedures Learning Activity Immersive Technology and Other Technologies and Materials
Gain Attention Teacher presents digital literary map of Crimean Tatar literature as students explore different authors and their work on the map. Interactive Crimean Tatar Literary Story Map
Stimulate Recall of Prior Knowledge On the literary map, students identify some of the literary themes that they studied before.

Students read the information in Ukrainian about Crimean Tatar people.

Interactive Crimean Tatar Literary Story Map


History of Crimean people

Presentation of Content The teacher presents a brief presentation about Ismail Gaspırali, his life, and Tercüman newspaper. She states the role of this newspaper in 20th century Crimean society. Ismail Gaspırali and Tercüman

Ismail Gaspırali: Unity in Language, Work and Opinion

A model leader for Asia

Ismail Gaspırali: Timeline

Elicit Performance and Give Feedback Students are separated into four groups (politics, daily news, culture and arts and crafts) and each group writes a news story based on what they have learned. Student multimedia products
Transfer of Knowledge Is there any other historical figure such as Ismail Gaspırali, who single handedly shaped a nation’s cultural history?

What do small nations do when their cultural history is suppressed by bigger nations? Can you think of a similar situation in the US History?

Class Discussion
Closure Teacher summarizes results of the class discussion.
Learning Assessment Each student group presents their news articles to the class. Student Presentations
Things that went well-

Things that did not go well-

Improvements for future-