9 LESSON PLAN 4: Public Landmarks and Their Historical Importance: Independence Square


Level Intermediate High (B2)
Brief Description of the Activity Students review two famous landmarks in Ukraine, Independence Square, and the Carpathian Mountains, using 360 videos to understand how these landmarks reflect the cultural beliefs and values of the country. Students tell a story of another landmark from Ukraine after conducting research with a peer.
Standards Communication: Modes of Communication

Interpersonal Mode: X

Interpretive Mode: X

Presentational Mode: X



Products: X

Practices: X

Perspectives: X


Connections: Geography; Social Sciences; History



ACTFL World Readiness Standards (Culture)
  1. Learners identify and analyze cultural practices from authentic materials such as videos and news articles (Intermediate),
  2.  Learners experience (read, listen to, observe, perform) expressive products of the culture (e.g., stories, poetry, music, paintings, dance, drama, and architecture) and explain the origin and importance of these products in today’s culture (Intermediate).
Language Functions Finding relevant information about a topic and presenting results; comparing and contrasting physical locations
Language Structures Perfective and imperfective verbal forms
Learning Objectives 1. Students will watch a 360 video demonstration and gain an understanding of how to view geographical locations and landmarks using the 360-cities Website,

2. Students will discuss the importance of landmarks in a given culture,

3. Students will work in pairs to identify a landmark in Ukraine and present their findings to the class,

4. Students will create a presentation of their findings after receiving feedback from their peers,

5. Students will compare Ukrainian landmarks to those in their hometowns.


Instructional Procedures Learning Activity Immersive Technology and Other Technologies
Gain Attention The teacher presents two 360-video websites to the students and shows them how to navigate them. She also gives brief information about 360 videos. 360 Cities Website


360 Schools Website

Stimulate Recall of Prior Knowledge As a class, students discuss what a landmark is and what purpose they serve in a culture.
Presentation of Content Teacher shows an example 360 video of Independence Square in Kyiv and tells its importance in Ukraine’s modern history. They read all together a brief story about this history. As a class, they identify the uses of perfective and imperfective verbal forms. Verbal Aspects Worksheet

Interesting Facts about Independence Square

Elicit Performance and Give Feedback Students work in pairs to identify a landmark using Google Map-Street View-3D and learn more about it after conducting an online search. After 20 minutes, each group presents their landmark to the class, while answering at least 3 questions from their peers.
Transfer of Knowledge The teacher asks students for examples of landmarks from their hometowns. Are there similarities between the landmarks they have seen in Ukraine to the ones they see in their hometowns?
Closure Students discuss reasons for building landmarks and how features of landmarks changed throughout history
Learning Assessment After receiving feedback from their peers, each pair creates a brief multimedia presentation using Canva about a Ukrainian landmark. Canva
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